Cultural Choice Scrap Book 100gsm 64 Page 330x245mm 

The flowing blue water from the Cultural Choice logo, are the twin rivers that meet at a common water hole.  The water ways encircle a meeting place or in this case learning circle.  Within the learning circle many coloured people are depicted in the outer ring representing people of all colour coming to a place of education to gain knowledge.

The centre ring depicts the teachers facing out and the inner circle represents the hole of knowledge where all their information can be gained.  The hole of knowledge has the same colours of the surrounding land, to indicate that the knowledge gained helps people move forward throughout the whole of the land.

On each side of the learning circle we have an Emu and a Kangaroo to represent that by going to an institute of learning you can only go forward as the Emu and Kangaroo can only go forward, they can’t go backwards.


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Brand Cultural Choice
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