Lipton Tea Bags Green Tea Box 100

It all starts with a bright sunshine, fresh rain and lush green leaves. A delightful, refreshing taste for a feed good moment. At Lipton we recognise the importance of sustainability in the growth of our tea. With over 100 years of experience our approach to sustainability is holistic. We looked in detail at the social, environmental and economic aspects of tea production carrying out our own work and working with Rainforest Alliance to ensure all our tea is sourced sustainably. Now, all our tea blends are made with 100% natural, Rainforest Alliance™ certified tea leaves. Tea was originally an expensive drink, enjoyed exclusively by the wealthy. Thomas Lipton was a man on a mission – to share his passion for tea around the world. He believed that everyone deserved high quality, great tasting tea. And over 120 years later, that belief is still what drives us – inspiring more flavours, more varieties and more love than ever before. All our tea bags are 100% sustainably sourced, which translates into ensuring decent wages for tea farmers around the world together with access to quality housing, education and medical care. Your tea is their brighter future. Lipton® produces the world's number one tea today. Visit our website to find our full range of exciting tea flavours such as quality black tea, green tea, decaf tea, herbal tea, iced tea and many more.

Light and delicate Green tea taste

Pure green tea

Carefully selected tea leaves

From quality tea gardens around the world

All the health benefits of catechins in a 100 pack of double chamber tea bags


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Brand Lipton
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